We are excited to have embarked upon a research program in partnership with Flybe and the University of Exeter, to create the next generation of training systems for cabin crew using the latest advances in virtual reality, games engines and natural input devices.

The aim is to revolutionise the current training by providing an increased effectiveness of training, combined with the cost savings of using Virtual Reality. The project will integrate the latest thinking in Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) from the University of Exeter’s educational technology team and from Flybe’s own training academy. These will provide best-in-class input to developing the most effective use of the technology in training the staff, and enable us to achieve CAA accreditation to allow the training systems to be rolled out for use across the industry.

Invirt Reality is an AS9100 accredited company, and has a long history of developing training systems for the defence aerospace industry, and we are looking to leverage our experience in this sector, together with our skills in virtual reality systems and games development platforms to develop an industry leading training product.