We are pleased to announce that Dixons Carphone are using our invirt STORE virtual reality store planning product to roll out new product areas to their flagship stores. invirt STORE is a complete solution for store planning, offering the addition of fixtures, products and assets. Planned stores can be freely explored within virtual reality. Add to this the ability to create flexible presentations to be displayed on 2D or 3D screens to wider audiences, and a suite of functions for insight and customer behaviour, invirt STORE is a highly interactive product leveraging the power of virtual reality.

Dixons Carphone
have identified the benefits of the use of virtual reality within their estates operations, and the sense of reusing 3D models more effectively. This contrasts with the traditional single use and disposable nature of 3D fly-throughs for store modelling and presentation. With invirt STORE, they can use 3D assets, stored in the cloud, to dynamically model store layouts and create dynamic presentations including guided fly-throughs using mass presentation displays, and free exploration within Virtual Reality using head mounted displays. This is combined with functions to analyse customer behaviour and feedback to provide representative insight.

Heathrow_Medium_SC_01Invirt STORE comprises four packages, each delivering features for the store planning process:

EXPLORE – Import a model of either an existing or future store, so that it can be freely explored in a Virtual Reality Headset, or on a large format screen. Give an engaging experience with a sense of presence, and with spatial and distance perception.

PRESENT – Communicate store designs to an audience of stakeholders, with dynamically controlled presentations or guided fly-throughs in 2D or 3D, with atmospheric audio. Show alternative layouts, promotions, lighting and highlight design features.

PLAN – Layout and evaluate a new store, or update an existing store, by adding, removing and moving fixtures, signage, products and assets. Trial and communicate design features, and use timesaving layout tools.

INSIGHT – Present trial customers with a fully immersive shopping experience, to record, analyse and visualise the customer journey. Evaluate flow and navigation, collate both subjective and quantifiable data. Create heat maps, timings and measure interaction with signage and products. Record and replay customer interaction, and export and archive data.