Invirt REALITY is advancing health and safety training systems within the oil energy sector using a host of technologies centred around Virtual Reality.

There are many benefits to the use of virtual reality in the oil and gas industry: the depth of learning is demonstrably better by ‘doing’ rather than watching, And we are working closely with the University of Exeter to bring the academic research to evaluate and improve the training methods to produce best practice systems. Added to this, virtual reality brings the benefits of massive reductions in risk to people and assets, reduced costs and language agnostic training, it is clear that VR is going to be central to the training of the future.

Since incorporation, invirt REALITY has been integral to training within the aerospace industry, and as such have a wealth of experience of developing training systems for high risk environments. We are expert in selecting and integrating the right technologies for the intended purpose to both increase effectiveness and reduce costs. Many training systems may be set within complex environments which may be expensive to model for creation of a virtual world. We are therefore pioneering the use of spherical still and video photography, and combining this real image capture to create compelling and immersive VR experiences with the minimum of time and cost.

We are also integrating a variety of display and interaction devices to create training systems that are intuitive and natural to use, minimising required guidance and explanation for use within international industries where large local workforces are utilised.